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District #1 - Paul Ryan (R)

U.S. Representative

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Paul Ryan (R)

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Also see incumbent's Personal Finances to see where potential conflicts of interest may occur with his voting on issues. Does he or she own stock in the health care or pharmaceutical industry while voting on the Medicare Drug program, which will benefit the industry to the tune of $750 billion in public expenditures over the next decade? Does your representative have his or her finances in a blind trust to eliminate such conflicts? 

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Paulette Garin (D)   

Paulette Garin for Congress Committee
1830 22nd Avenue, #1
Kenosha, WI 53140

Mike Hebert (D)


Mike Hebert
1204 69th Street
Kenosha, WI 53143-5414

(262) 652-8172

Marge Krupp (D)


Krupp for Congress
11427 79th Place,
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158

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On the issues

Lobbyist-paid trips

9 trips at $48,294 See at

The issue is not where he went, but who paid for it. If it is truly an official trip the taxpayers should pay for it and his wife doesn't need to go along. For every dollar the taxpayers pay for these trips we will save $100 in special-interest giveaways. 

US Public Interest Group gives Ryan 19% acceptance

See (Note that the top screen scrolls through the issues Ryan was graded on)

Children's Defense Fund Action Council gives LOW MARKS (0%) to Ryan for his votes on protecting children. See

Permanent Estate Tax

Incumbent voted IN FAVOR OF the Estate Tax Relief Act (i.e., eliminating the Paris Hilton tax), thus shifting taxes from the wealthy to the middle class.

Line Item Veto

Incumbent voted in favor of the line item veto (6/22/2006): Follow the dominoes and you’ll see that the campaign bribes that went to congressmen to get the pork inserted in the first place, will just be duplicated for the president so the pork is not vetoed when signed. Unless, of course, you are already a political briber of the right persuasion, then it’s a shoo-in. They say things will have to get much worse before they get better, and the line item veto will clearly make things much worse. It will give voters the false sense that things are being fixed when it is just increasing the cash flow in an already corrupt political system. It is a misconception that ‘bad’ things will get vetoed and ‘good’ things left in. It will be just the opposite. In Wisconsin we saw Governor Doyle veto 95% of the words in a bill and the remaining words transfer funding from road construction to schools. I prefer that particular end result but am appalled by the tactic. This not only violates the separation of powers doctrine but is also a terrible abuse of power. No, the real solution is to get private money out of the public electoral system altogether, and then the legislature will do the right thing in the first place and a line item veto would not be needed.

Project Vote-Smart Rating


Ratings by Interest Groups:

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Project Vote-Smart Interest Group Ratings

Details on pgs. 36-37 at Supports the interest group x% of the time
1) NARAL Pro-Choice America 0
2) National Right to Life Committee 100
3) National Taxpayers Union 69
4) Public Citizen’s Congress Watch 8
5) U.S. Chamber of Commerce 89
6) AFL-CIO 20
7) Gun Owners of America 50
8) Fed. for American Immigration Reform 86
9) NAACP 26
10) National PTA 0
11) American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) 6
12) League of Conservation Voters 11
13) Alliance for Retired Americans 13
14) American Public Health Association 12
15) Disabled American Veterans 0
16) Eagle Forum 80
17) Americans for Democratic Action (ADA) 0